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Cultivating Belief

Create success today, plant and nurture empowering beliefs

I have always said to myself, everything heals in three days, or that I am back to normal in three days. Perhaps I should change that number to two days.

Three-day healing is a belief that has manifested in my life over and over regardless of whatever it is my body wants to heal entirely it takes three days. Three days to heal the surface of a cut, (I just cut my figure a few days ago) Yes, typing is a new experience with part of one finger out of commission.

But three days later, the finger was doing a lot better.

That is a belief I cultivated unconsciously and has held up in my life.

Cultivating Belief

Experiences have created most of our beliefs, good, bad, and ugly. It takes some work, growth, and observation to identify those beliefs that aren’t serving us, and working to shed them. However, paying attention to these beliefs give them more power. It’s like trying not to think about an elephant right now.

Did someone say elephant?

Shedding old beliefs takes too much effort, especially since that effort only gives them more fuel.

Don’t give beliefs that don’t serve you power by thinking about them.

I Have a New Plan for Cultivating Beliefs

Maybe you don’t try to change the ones you have. You build new ones over them. You know, like how new cities are built over ancient ones, soon the old cities are forgotten.

Hang with me for a minute on this, it is my experience that beliefs don’t go away, it takes effort, and some of the beliefs we have cultivated in our DNA, don’t go away. You wake up every day deciding to be exactly who you want to be regardless of all those beliefs lurking in the recesses of your mind.

Today, I am going to choose to be great. I choose to be happy. I will feel good. I am going to be productive.

With new beliefs that empower, encourage, and enhance your life, you find yourself using less effort to establish these routines.

Let me share my Cultivating Belief Story with you

A few years ago, I decided to cultivate the happy habit. I didn’t embark on a journey to remove the old beliefs from my life since I’d been doing that for over 15 years, and it wasn’t working.

I got off the sofa and said, enough, I will no longer let fear and constant waiting to rule my life. I want to feel better more often than not.

That was it.

The first step is the hardest, I made a few calls to the two people I had been dreading, and I swear the response from the Big U was instantaneous. WOW!

The moment I made that shift, I decided I wanted to be happy and being in the dark hiding from the truth wasn’t making me feel better. However, I had some hard truths about myself and the way I had been thinking and living that I had to face.

And that was it.

Next Steps to Cultivating Belief

Self Help Tools

Of course, I turned to self-help tools, I was reading The Game of Life by Florence Scovel-Shinn and decided to dot the May Cause Miracles: A 40-Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness by Gabby Bernstein. By the way, there was magic in my finding the Gabby book.


That summer I’d learned about Hooponopno, the ancient Hawaiian ritual for letting go of the past. A super simple energy shifting mantra that helps you start to see changes in your life on an energetic level.


Just saying the words thank you for the positive changes that I started noticing in my life. But also for the magic that the Universe turned on in my life, which included a magical trip to Florida with my best friend, and love of my life Jacs. Gratitude is a powerful tool to help you change your perspective and eventually your beliefs.

A few months in I was a completely different person because I cultivated a new set of beliefs. Are those old cities still lying dormant underneath this new foundation? Yes, most days. Even though I still hear whispers, I acknowledged them, and let them pass. Mainly because I love this new city, this new life, so much that there is no room for the old one anymore.

A Reminder

The beliefs don’t go away with attention. Like the ancient cities, they go away when you forget they are there, and make sure you catch yourself when you go digging and stop.

What New Beliefs can you Cultivate today?