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The Story

It all started because I wanted to take control of my life. The discovery that I had the power to create my life within me was an EPIC lightbulb moment.

It didn't take long to find out that the only way to actually do this was by being vigilant ALL the time.

When the words "eternal vigilance" jumped out at me from the pages of one of my favorite books, and I concluded that in order to create the life of my dreams, I had to Live Eternal Vigilance Now, hence LEVNOW was born.

The next step I knew was to find or create the tools I needed to go after my goals. I knew who I was, I knew where I was going, so building a solid foundation was done.

Then came the fun part, how to get there. I learned the rules about my tools, created new rules that didn’t violate the first rules, then created rituals and routines that made manifesting the life of my dreams feel like magic.

I know you want that magic, that’s why you are here. Feel your fingers tingle because the power to create is in your hands.

This is the simple story of Levnow, getting here was a long journey, but now I get the privilege of sharing this simple, and effective system with you.

Levnow Values



There is an infinite amount of knowledge available to us today, it is up to us to learn what we need to live up to our full potential. Find what you love, what you know will work for you. There is a teacher for every student.



The tools, rules, ritual, routines work when you can integrate them effortlessly into your life. The goal is to avoid overwhelming systems that aren’t sustainable long enough to be create lasting change in your life.



Living Eternal Vigilance is getting in the driver’s seat and taking control of your life. It simply means paying attention to who you are, what you are creating, knowing when to change course, and keeping the tank full.

The Team



I am the one that reminds you that you already have all the greatness you need inside you right now. I help you cultivate that greatness by harnessing the most powerful tool in your toolbox, your thoughts and emotions, primarily the “Good“ ones. I am trying on my favorite “hat” as the Levnow Toolmaker.


Other Team Members

“We basically do all the work around here,” said the anthropomorphized office equipment. “We can say that the other “team” member greatly appreciates us, and says so ALL the time. It’s always a pleasure to actually get her to get to work, we know she is creating some awesome goodness for you.”