The Four Stages of Happiness


The Four Stages of Happiness

I'd love to share my four stages of happiness with you.

The Four Stages of Happiness

There is a range of feeling happy; it goes from feeling good to Bliss Particles. I started to notice these stages when I took it upon myself to cultivate the happy habit

Feeling Good

Feeling good is not feeling bad, anxious, worried, scared, fearful, or guilty. It means not anticipating feeling bad in the future, or remembering when you were feeling bad in the past. When you are feeling great you feel a sense of wellbeing, like you know you will be okay.

You feel in control and know you can power through whatever comes your way if you keep a calm head, relax, and observe what is going on around you.

Feeling Great

Feeling Great is being present, being in the moment, feeling appreciation, feeling gratitude, feeling peace, and more. You have a sense of calm, almost like you are in a happy bubble. Life is good, almost peace.

Feeling great is a deeper more satisfying feeling. You know you are vibrating at a higher level. Your core feels different. You feel your chakras light up, you laugh, you feel good, you feel great, you are present, there is a nice balance.

Feeling great is one of my favorites because this is when I connect to my creative muse, and when she gets fired up, I feel as though I could conquer the world, or maybe just write an epic post. It is the transition to happy, where you can now hear and feel music on your skin.


Happy, oh, that is feeling good, and feeling great all rolled into one, you walk down the street knowing you are connected to your source. Most times it’s because you have just witnessed the magic of the Universe in your life. You got synchronicity with breakfast, and you are still basking in the afterglow of the grace bestowed on you.

Feeling happy, you finally get the sense of peace that you will be okay. It's the feeling of knowing that the Universe does have your back. You feel a sense of accomplishment at how you have found a way to effortless allow this feeling to come over you.

Bliss Particles

Bliss Particles, this is transcendence, you see the trees glow, feel the planet move, not in San Francisco, that is an earthquake. With Bliss Particles you will see yourself dissolve with such joy, happiness, peace, and most importantly complete connection to your source, you burst into tears.

Though Bliss Particles start as a rare occasion, you are able to tap into the Source in moments of great appreciation and gratitude on the reality of how your life has changed and will continue to change because you have done the work.

Hope this all doesn’t seem like a lot of work, because I will tell you a big secret, more a life hack, all you have to do is focus on feeling good, and everything else just happens.

You go through all four stages of happiness in your week, or moment by moment. Once you start to acknowledge these stages in your life, a shift happens, you start to understand that there is no going back to the negative emotional states.

I am not saying you will not feel sad, anger, or something else, but those moments will pass faster and faster the more you spend your energy keeping your feel-good tank topped up.

Why feeling good is so important

Of the four stages of happiness, feeling good is essential because it has to become the base emotion in your life. And when the higher stages of feeling great, feeling happy, bliss particles pop up, you have a greater appreciation for the life you have created for yourself. A life where you now allow yourself to feel these.

Can you imagine that feeling good, becomes the norm? Did I hear you say, yes, please I will have what she is having?

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