How to Start a Daily Meditation Practice

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How to Start a Daily Meditation Practice

Meditation is an essential tool for living eternal vigilance. It is crucial to living.

Meditation is a tool that you can use to improve the quality of your life, hone your abilities, and reduce stress significantly. If you are anything like me and can’t start a meditation practice to save your life, then, know that there is hope for you. Seriously, if I can do it, so can you. If meditation is a prelude to napping in your world, then there is hope for you.

If you don’t get what the heck meditation is all about, then there is hope for you, check out the benefits below.

The Benefits of Meditation

  • Improves the quality of sleep

  • Enhances the performance of your daily tasks

  • Quiets the mind

  • Helps you focus and tune out distractions

  • Keeps you in tune with your desires

  • Improves your memory

  • Creates a better mind-body connection

  • A deeper connection to your Source

  • A beneficial spiritual practice that will pay off dividends with consistent practice.

How to Start a Daily Meditation Practice

Create a Meditation Space

Spoil yourself and create a meditation space you can be proud of, check out the creative meditation spaces people have shared on Pinterest. Also, don’t make creating the space an excuse for not starting your practice, you can meditate anywhere, including sitting on your bed, a sofa, or standing.

Pick a Practice

There are several types of meditation for you to choose from in this post. I have listed the simplest ones I have found and used in the 5 Types of Meditation post. You should check out the post. Pick the easiest form of meditation that you will enjoy and one you can practice daily.

It is important as you start your daily meditation practice with a style that resonates with you and makes you feel a connection to your spirit.

Do a Something Daily

The benefits you will receive from your daily meditation practice will motivate you to do something every day. If not you will feel super guilty once you start to notice a slight imbalance from days of not meditation.

The sense of calm and control you get from a daily meditation practice is only the start of the benefits of meditation.

Have a Plan

When you plan your week, you should set the intention to meditate every day. The power of just setting that intention will give you a better chance of actually doing the meditation. Also, you know, I am all about taking full responsibility for your life, if you want to start a meditation practice, add it to your to-do list, and do it.

Schedule your Practice Time

Ideally, you want to meditate at the same time every day. I am a fan of first thing in the morning after waking up. I would suggest doing it first thing in the morning because of the fantastic grounding benefits, and clarity you get throughout the day.

Build Up Your Time

Your meditation practice can start with as little as three minutes. Don’t worry if you are anything like me, you can work your way up to three minutes, but you have to start. You should aim for at least ten minutes a day minimum as your time progresses. The final goal is to make ten to fifteen minutes the minimum on a day you are in a hurry.

A Starter Tool for Meditating

Guided Meditations are invaluable to a person starting a meditation practice. I used guided meditation to clock 150 days in a row of meditating when I first committed myself to develop a meditation practice. Granted I wanted to get all the lovely little stamps and boast on Twitter, but it worked. Find an app that works for you.

The goal is to feel like you need to meditate so you can reap the benefits listed above. I like the guided meditations because they make you stay for the five, ten, fifteen minutes you need to complete the meditation.

Start a Daily Meditation Practice