Living Eternal Vigilance

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Living Eternal Vigilance

You are who you are, and where you are today because of your dominant thoughts.

Living Eternal Vigilance is based on the premise that your thoughts create your life. If your thoughts create your life, then you have the power to create the life of your dreams. Look around you; have you created a world based on fear and worry? Or, do you feel you have harnessed the power of your mind?

It is no big secret that every personal development teacher or self-help book will tell you, it is all about using the power of your mind, the truth is, and it is a Universal Law, your thoughts create your life, and the only way to access that power is by being VIGILANT.

You don’t become a powerful co-creator of your life by being vigilant now and again, and you don’t create your ideal life by being vigilant whenever you feel like it. You become a powerful co-creator of your life by being vigilant all the time.

You have to watch your thoughts, your words, and your emotions at all times because you are forever connected to the creative power of the Universe. This was the discovery I made over 10 years ago that spurred the creation of Living Eternal Vigilance as a way of life.

The Premise of Living Eternal Vigilance

  • Living Eternal Vigilance is about holding yourself accountable for the quality of the thoughts that you have. The average human processes 60,000 thoughts a day, your goal is to make sure you are using your thoughts constructively to create a fantastic life.

  • Living Eternal Vigilance is living with an awareness of how you feel in every moment and choosing to do whatever you have to do to keep yourself on the positive side of the emotional guidance scale.

  • Living Eternal Vigilance is about knowing who you are, where you are going and using the tools you need to get you there.

  • Living Eternal Vigilance is effortless. The moment you feel like you are working hard, you are not living eternal vigilance.

  • Living Eternal Vigilance is living in a state of mindfulness until it becomes second nature to you.

  • Living Eternal Vigilance you are connected to your Source, you are tapped into with the stream of consciousness that helps you create your world, and all you do is sit back and watch with wonder as your wishes manifest right before your eyes.

Levnow Self-Help Tools provides tools for Living Eternal Vigilance Now.