The Three-Step Fear Detox


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The Three-Step Fear Detox

The Three-Step Fear Detox Questionnaire

  1. Looking for a fear detox?

  2. Is it time to face your fear and get your house in order?

  3. What is holding you back?

  4. Are you bogged down by debt?

  5. Are you in a bad relationship you will not face?

  6. Are you continually replaying your past mistakes?

  7. Are you in such a rut that you cannot even begin to see a starting point?

Well, that is what I am giving you here, a starting point. If fear is what is holding you back, then it is time to face that fear. I have created a three-step fear detox that I turn to whenever I feel fear trying to get its talons into me. I know these steps will help you too. I mostly believe step number three is the key.

The Three-Step Fear Detox

Step One

Make a list of the top five "biggest" things you have in your life right now.

I am not talking about things like clearing clutter, except if you are a candidate for that famous TV show, but clutter is a symptom, not the fear itself. We're digging deeper than that.

So, I am talking about feeling overwhelmed, fear of losing a job, bills, bad relationships, illness, legal problems: the big things. I realize that what might be significant for you might not be for others, no one is judging you.

Review Each Item on the List

Look at each item and take time out to think, "What is the worst that can happen?" Please do not write this part down. Just think about it in your head for a quick minute. (If you want to know why? Check out the Law of Attraction), the last thing you need is to give the “Universe” a new list of things to manifest.

Here is the big, big thing you need to understand; the worst thing that can happen is the thing that is happening now. Brace yourself, more often than not, it is not always that bad. Take heart, there are techniques, you will learn from this website that will help you see how much power you have within you right now.

Man can only vanquish fear by walking up to the thing he is afraid of.
— Florence Scovel-Shinn, The Game of Life

Step Two

Create Actionable Steps

  1. Now that you have figured out the worst case scenario, what you will do to avoid it?

  2. Do you need a serious self-assessment session, one where you get to be brutally honest with yourself and really see what is going on with your life?

  3. Do you need to pull up your bootstraps and cut out some fun spending to keep on top of your payments?

  4. Do you need to start planning to leave that relationship safely?

  5. Is it time to end that friendship?

  6. Do you need to start looking for a new job?

When you look at things this way, it does not seem as bad. Why? Because these are all things, you can put actionable steps to and take control of the issue.

I don’t mean to downplay the issues here in any way, shape or form, but there are systems set up to help you, you have to face your fear, accept whatever the results may be and look on the bright side, now you are in the driver's seat. You just have to act.

Step Three


Oh, this is my favorite step. I have worked myself into a lather and blown my top only to take a minute to turn on the light and get out of the darkness of negativity.

You see, letting go, surrendering a thing, an issue, or a decision to God is the most freeing thing in the universe.

You get to push the "Surrender" Button after you have exhausted all your options. When you feel you have done all you can think of as of this moment and you know that all you are doing at this point is focusing on outcomes you have no control over.

This is the point where you turn things over to the Universe. The surrender is the point where you choose to release the burden because all you are doing is focusing on the worst case scenario.

Surrender is learning to trust the Universe and freeing yourself to go focus on the things within your power. Things like remaining in a positive state so you can attract positive outcomes to your life.

Learn to Trust the Universe

All you have to do is trust, if you want a favorable outcome, focus on what you want, don’t doubt the system, and please, please, please keep your emotions positive.

That is all you have to do. It might sound strange to those still in the realm of, “I have to, I must do, but it was not my fault, etc. I wrote steps one and two for you.

Finally, please know that the worst-case scenario happening is rare. However, the rewards you gain from facing your fear far outweigh living in fear. Sometimes some things are just not meant to be, and letting go frees you up to get the miracles the Universe has in store for you.

Who is best to take care of the situation than God. Trust that God, the Universe has your back and this situation is taken care of in the best way possible.

Let’s work together to get to start to detox fear from your life. I promise you, I have been there, and if one person learns that you don’t have to suffer, then I have lived my purpose today.

Hey, cheer, up, it’s a new day, get out your “Happy Playlist” and start sending out positive vibrations to the Universe, her replies are instantaneous.

Now go and share your light with the world, we need it.