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The forgiving state of mind is a magnetic power for attracting good. – Catherine Ponder

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful and important self-help tools in your toolbox. In order to improve conditions in your life, you must begin by forgiving everyone, everything, every experience and every memory in your life that needs forgiveness.

Why? There are two main reasons why you must forgive: first if you want to be forgiven you have to forgive and second, if you harbor any ill will, anger, regret or hate towards anybody you are preventing anything good and lasting from entering your life. Negativity of any kind clouds your mind, and prevents it from creating the good that you deserve in your life.

Without forgiveness, you carry around with you the seed that can create all kinds of stress related illnesses in your body. The emotions tied to not forgiving include, anger, hate, guilt, doubt, worry and self-pity, these emotions do nothing for you but make you feel stressed out and eventually lead to sicknesses of different degrees.

Negativity from holding a grudge clouds your mind and prevents you from creating the good that you deserve in your life. The emotions tied to not forgiving are low of the emotional frequency scale and will only help manifest more negativity in your life. At this level of emotion, you are not creating anything worthwhile.

Whom do you forgive? You forgive everyone, everything and every situation you can think of that needs forgiveness; then you forgive yourself.

The Main Benefit of the Power of Forgiveness

When you forgive people who have wronged you in any way you take away the power they have over you. They no longer control your life. Your mind is free to create, and you experience happiness and peace of mind. Use the power of forgiveness to take back your power and move on to create your best life free from the past and open to the future of endless possibilities.

Today, I understand the power of forgiveness. I now choose to forgive anyone and everything that needs forgiveness in my life.

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