Using the Abraham-Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale

The Abraham Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale


Self-Help Toolbox Item: Using the Abraham-Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale.

After a day spent doing #25 instead of AB&C (as in I was nowhere near where I wanted to be). Spent the night passed out on the sofa watching Elementary (show about Sherlock Holmes) instead of my sure-fire, nighttime prep for amazing sleep and having the Universe do my bidding as I slept. I of course woke up this morning feeling like crap.

I tried, music, it helped a little. I did some meditation, which helped a lot (but that happened only because I had assigned that task to my Manager (one of the Abraham-Hicks 22 Processes) and I magically woke up and meditated this morning). I had a nice breakfast in a lovely setting looking at the world go by outside. That felt good but did not help. Nothing was really getting to the bottom of the shift in my emotions to the dark side. I had just experienced five consecutive days of glorious bliss and I was not going to let a random funk derail my joy.

I decided to reach into my Self-Help Toolbox, to find something that would help me out of the funk. I went for my fail-safe “Fix-my-negative-emotion-right-now” tool, the Abraham-Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale. Continue reading →

Let Him Take Care of You

Let Him Take Care of You - Levnow Advice

Let him take care of you. This one is for the ladies, and maybe a reminder for me.

Ladies, we know we can do it all, okay, maybe most of it. It came to me this weekend looking at the couples around me, that strong women (all women, we are all strong and you know it) need to know that it is absolutely okay to allow a man to truly love you and want to take care of you. It is okay.

I met a new husband at the party (this weekend) that has assimilated completely into his wife’s family and culture that I asked more than two people where the heck he was from, and to whom he was related. Thinking of the couple made me think of my friends who are looking for the superhot, easy burn out romance (Oh! to be young again and remake those decisions), and turn away from the slow delicious simmer of “Mr. Right for you”. Okay I have more than one amazing slow simmer couple in mind but you get the gist.

Years ago, I remember talking to a friend, who felt affronted whenever a man tried to open the door for her, I was like, LET HIM!I want us to take a heart defibrillator to that dying horse called Chivalry and resuscitate that darling beautiful creature. Continue reading →

Becoming Your Best Self

Becoming your Best Self


I know the concept of becoming your Best Self is nothing new, but I want to share an idea that “I came up with” after I had spent a year and a half looking at an image of someone I aspired to be, to look like, to feel like, move around the world like.

My inspiration picture was the shot of the person I was going to become when all the stars lined up and my life was the vision of perfection that I had in my head. I would look at the photograph of this woman who I adored and wondered how she really felt, who was in her life, and then I answered all those questions inserting myself into the picture. Before I go further, I don’t know who this woman is, because my picture was an illustration I found on Pinterest. This was perfect because I am somewhat obsessed with animation and illustration.

Moving along… Continue reading →

Finding Mr. Right

Finding Mr. Right

Finding Mr. Right is possible, he is not the myth we were all led to think he was. Some ladies believe they will find the sasquatch (abominable snowman for those girlies that are less Scifi than most) before they come across Mr. Right.

Well, let us squash that myth right now. If the Universal Laws are as constant as the laws of physics then Mr. Right is right there waiting for you. He is somewhere in your Wish Vortex just waiting to you to get on his Frequency.

Finding Mr. Right should become a Mind over Matter subject, if you believe you will find Mr. Right, then you will. Look around you I am sure you can find someone who is rocking a Mr. Right on her arm right now. And what do I always say? “If one person can do it so can you, you just have to want it good enough.” Continue reading →

How to Manifest a Clutter-Free Home

How to Manifest a Clutter-Free HomeHow to Manifest a Clutter-Free Home Thoughts are things, so if you constantly worry about picking up that clutter that has been bugging you forever, it multiplies.

Here is an example of a technique I use to change certain persistent issues in my life. It is called Change your Thought, Change your Life. When I am not feeling my best about a thing or aspect of my life or I am feeling stressed out or blocked on an issue, and I am ready, I mean ready to break out of that merry-go-round of misery.

Here is the super technique I used to finally rid myself of the constant manifesting of clutter in my bedroom. Continue reading →

Shower Epiphany Series

Shower Epiphany Series

Check out the Comments for New Shower Epiphany Series Updates

I am starting a Shower Epiphany Series. I love my shower, every time I am in it I come up with some epic idea or solution to a problem that I am grateful that my soap is green and my tiles are white or I pray real hard that I remember what I came up with when I get out of the shower.

Every time I came up with a shower epiphany, I say to myself, whoa! I have to share this, and then I step out of the shower, do A, B & C, and the beautiful epiphany floats back into the ether whence it came.

So, I had a shower epiphany today, start a blog post where you can put your shower epiphanies, call it the Shower Epiphany Series (Thank you God that I remembered still remember this one). Your phone is never 3 feet away from you, even in the shower, and thanks to voice recognition you can dictate a note even before you grab your towel. Whoa! That’s true. Continue reading →

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How to Use your Emotions as a Guide

How to use your Emotional Guidance Scale

Using your emotions as a guide is one of the most important self-help tools, in your Self-Help Tool Box. This is one technique that will help you live a truly balanced and happy life. It goes like this, the way you feel has great significance on the outcome of everything you do. If you don’t “feel” great about something, there is a very, very good chance you are doing something you shouldn’t.

Continue reading →

Best Books on Manifesting

Here is my list of the Best Books on Manifesting. January reading starts with one or more of the best books on manifesting and the Law of Attraction I have read. These books run the gamut from metaphysical to almost religious literature, but one thing they all have in common is that the theories and practical steps provided in these books have work for me. So I make it a point to start the year with a selection from my list of Best Books on Manifesting.

1. Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires

Ask and It is given by Esther Hicks – Understanding the work of Esther Hicks, opened the world of the Law of Attraction to me. One of the most important things I found in this book is the Emotional Guidance Scale, simply stated, the worse you feel, the further away from your Source you are, the further away you are from your Source, the further away you are from the frequency of manifesting. The Hicks provide tools to help you keep on the better side of the Emotional Guidance Scale and as soon as you learn to stay there, the sooner the doors to manifesting your dreams open. Continue reading →

Living Eternal Vigilance

Living Eternal Vigilance - Levnow Self-Help Tools

You are who you are today and where you are today because of your dominating thoughts. Living Eternal Vigilance is based on this belief. Have you created a world based on fear and worry? Or do you go thought life just knowing everything will be alright but have a feeling that you can do better? Do you want to know how to create the life of your dreams by being vigilant of your thoughts and taking positive actions to keep yourself and your emotions positive? provides tools for living eternal vigilance.

Knowing that your thoughts create your life, you know that you have the power to create your ideal life by living eternally vigilant of what you are thinking, paying attention to how you feel, and incorporating self-help tools that will help you keep positive, happy and on the frequency to manifest your dreams.

By being vigilant of your thoughts you can create your life. Levnow provides the tools you need to harness the power of your mind, and live as your Best Self Now. Continue reading →

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Saying Thank You to Help Reduce Stress

Foot Steps in the Sand - LevnowToday, I left my purse at the grocery store checkout counter and learned the power of saying thank you to help reduce stress.

I happen to be a two-bag person, introduce a third thing and I am apt to forget one. Got home complete ready to melt into the sofa with a glass of red wine when I realized MY PURSE!!!!! I had left my purse at the grocery store.

With goosebumps down my spine, I called the grocery store, they had found the purse, Thank God. I threw on my running shoes and hiked up the five blocks back to the store.

I was so stressed out that I was shaking, my heart beating fast and that was not because of the hike. On the way, I started saying, Thank You, with every fourth step. Continue reading →