Don't Settle, Ask for More

Ask For More

Here is a short story and a list of why it is okay to ask for more. It was a beautiful day today in Manhattan, I crossing the street and I ran into a cop who said hello, and goes, “Nice day isn’t?” I agreed because it was a nice day. Then I gave the standard respond to niceties and asked, “How are you doing?” He says, “Can’t complain, we have beautiful weather (yes, it is January in NYC, and the weather is glorious), gas prices are low, and it’s quite around here, what can I say.” And then I say, “You couldn’t ask for more.” And he goes, “Oh yes you can.” I was taken aback and responded, “Yes, you can.”

We spoke for a few minutes, and I had to cross the street. It was a very lovely conversation, and it stuck with me the entire day: Yes, you can ask for more. So why do we settle? Why do we not ask for more?

Wayne Dyer once said, “The Universe will give you everything you want, you just have to ask.” He said, “Think of the abundance available to you like the water in the ocean, you can either go collect it with a teaspoon, or you can take a truck.”

When it comes to what you want, don’t short change yourself: Ask for more.

We live in an abundant universe, on a planet where we have not even began to scratch the surface of what we are capable of, so why settle?

Ask for more love, joy, happiness, health, wealth, goodwill, luck, and peace. There is no end to what you can ask for, but nothing will happen if you don’t ask for more.

Five Perfectly Good Reasons to Ask for More

  • Ask for more because God didn’t create an abundant universe so you can suffer because you refuse to tap into the endless eternity of good things God has in store for you.
  • Ask for more because it is the only way to get what you want, and, believe me, someone is always listening. The power of your expectancy is a universal law.
  • Ask for more, so that you can put the Law of Abundance to work and remind it that we are here and willing to use it.
  • Ask for more, It is your right, the more you have, the more time you can devote to making the world a better place.
  • Ask for more because having more is not the time to hoard and use all you have gained in hedonistic endeavorers, you can save 10% for that, use your abundance to change the world.
  • Ask for more, so that you can see that your greatest dream was just the beginning of what you are capable of accomplishing in this lifetime.
  • Ask for more, so that you can share the knowledge, teach the world what you know and become immortal in a sense.
  • Ask for more so that you can help the people around you be better citizens of the world. Share the wealth, you will be so much happier when you give responsibly of yourself and the things you have.

There is nothing wrong is wanting more for yourself. I am here to tell you that you deserve the best life has to offer. Don’t cut yourself away from the great things the universe has in store for you. Start asking for what you want, and then ask for me.

Well, just wanted to share a thought, thanks to a New York Policeman who took a couple of minutes out of his day to talk to a person crossing the street.

Check out this free worksheet to help you clearly define and state what you want, have fun with it, and then ask for more.

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