The Law of Abundance

The Law of Abundance states that there are enough resources in the world for everyone to have enough money, love, joy, perfect health and more. You simply have to believe that there is enough of what you desire, and you will have activated the law.

The law of abundance is one of the Universal Laws based on the Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Attraction. Your thoughts of abundance (cause) create a feeling of abundance, (emotions) and your thoughts and attitude towards abundance combine to attract abundance (effect) into your life.

How to Create a Prosperity Consciousness using The Law of Abundance

To create an abundance mentality, start by activating the Law of Abundance in your life. You have to rise above your current situation mentally and start to believe that there is more than enough of what you desire for everyone. No one is taking what is rightfully yours.

Today, I will affirm the law of abundance in my life. There is more than enough for everyone.

In a Nutshell:

  1. Start by believing in the Law of Abundance.
  2. Believe that all you want is simply waiting for you to accept it.
  3. You have to think that there is enough for everyone. There is money in your accounts to do whatever it is you want, you have all the friends you need, and you are happy.
  4. Focus on the positive things in your life and watch out for the times when you find yourself slipping into a worrying state.
  5. Have faith in the supplier, God, your Source.
  6. Believe that all the resources you need are just waiting for you to acknowledge its existence and create room for it in your life.
  7. Learn to ask for what you want (activate the Law of Attraction).
  8. Write down what you want and use your self-help tools to reinforce them in your subconscious.

Start Using the Power of Your Mind to Create a Prosperity Consciousness

Visualize your bank account with more money than you need to get you through the month.

Pay attention to your thoughts, don’t say things like, “I just want to pay my rent.” I assume that you have more than your rent to pay in the month. Don’t say “I just want enough to cover my bills” I assume you want to eat, and you probably have recreational activities. Thoughts like these are what get us into trouble. If you plan and think only of your basic needs forgetting that there is more to life than just paying bills then you are not making proper use of this law, and you end up wanting more.

Use gratitude, say thank you when you spend money, give thanks for the things you can buy with the money, give thanks for having the money to spend and give thanks that the money will return to you tenfold.

Do Something
Activate your prosperity consciousness today using the Universal Law of Abundance as your guide. Choose to believe that there is more than enough of everything to go around for everyone.

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