Crafting Effective Affirmations

What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are a mental programming technique that uses a positive word or sentence to help you reprogram your dominant thoughts, take control of your thoughts, plan your life, and manifest your desires. Affirmations can also serve as substitute dialog to help you transform your current self-limiting beliefs into productive self-empowering beliefs.

Effective Affirmations

An effective affirmation is a positive statement crafted in present tense, stating a personal desire or prayer that evokes a positive emotional reaction in you. This statement is a command from your conscious mind to your subconscious mind programing the mind with new data and informing it of the changes you desire. Those changes can range from your goals and aspirations to thoughts that calm you down or give you courage in your time of need.

Affirmations work by your consciously filling your mind with thoughts that support your goals.

“I am a New York Time Bestselling Author.”
“Be still and know that I am God.”
“I am healthy, happy, loved and grateful.”

Effective affirmations are one of most powerful self-help tools using them will open up a world of opportunities for you and help you take control of your life.

Your Thoughts Create Your Life

When you think of affirmations remember: Your thoughts create your life.” This is a Universal Law. You just have to keep in mind that if your thoughts create your life, then you must control those thoughts. Take time to reflect on what you are thinking about, and when and where you got those thoughts from and start working on a new soundtrack. Take a look around you, how have your thoughts served you? What kind of life have you created for yourself?

The good news is that you can change anything, and affirmations are one of the tools that will help you.

Affirmations are Charged by your Emotions

You are always using affirmations, affirmations are not just meaningless words you repeat in the hopes that it will create change. Affirmations work when the words evoke some kind of positive or negative emotion from you so, constant repetition of negative thoughts is a form of affirmation. Sadly, they are the most effective ones because we tend replay all the bad things that happen to us like a movie on auto replay, and usually those thoughts are very emotionally charged.

Emotions are the key ingredient in effective affirmations. Any thought, good or bad, that you have that is emotionally charged becomes a thing in your life. Emotions are much more powerful than thoughts. Thoughts that are emotionalized are magnetized and attract similar thoughts and things to it.

Negative thoughts send out negative energy that draws like events right back to it. Recalling past wrongs only reinforce those negative events, giving them energy and puts you on a frequency to manifest those events in your life again. It is best to keep the past in the past where it belongs. Affirmations will help you stay focused on who you are now and what you are doing right now to live your best life now.

Crafting Effective Affirmations

You have to craft your affirmations carefully, repeat them often and tweak them until they evoke a positive emotional response in you.

Important questions to ask yourself:
What do I want to manifest?
Why do I want to manifest this?
How do I feel about this thing?
Again, ask yourself why do I want it?

If the answers make you feel good, and you do not feel any resistance then you are ready to create your effective affirmations.

Find an affirmation that resonates with you. You can create one or find one in your inspirational or motivational reading material. Make sure that the words resonate with you. You want an affirmation that you can recite the moment you wake up in the morning.

The affirmation must be positive and in present tense, that means that you create the affirmation as if the events are currently happening in your life. I am a bestselling author; my books are sold around the world. I am blessed to live a happy, healthy, joyous life filled with love and supreme satisfaction.

Make your affirmations short, you want your affirmations to be easy to recite, fun, and most important, effortless. You do not want to keep reaching for something, try to remember the sequence of the words or feel stressed before you say your affirmations.

Keep your affirmation visible, write your affirmation on card and stick on the fridge, or front door or at your desk, make wallpaper for your phone and computer, use Post-it Notes, add them to your vision board, or write them down daily to cement them in your mind.

Do a spot inspection of your affirmations every couple of weeks, check to see if the affirmations still energize you and make you feel good. If the affirmations don’t meet all the criteria needed to have an effective affirmation, then it is time to create new ones.

Once you love your affirmation, repeat them at any chance you get, add them to your morning and nighttime routines.

Make affirmations the soundtrack of your life, keep the music positive, and write lyrics that inspire you to do amazing things with your life, repeat them often and watch life manifest exactly what you want.

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