Take Control of your Life with the Law of Substitution

This law deals directly with your ability to command your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind cannot make a distinction between what is true and what is false. It simply does what it is told to do by the conscious mind.

The Universal Law of Substitution states that you can substitute any negative thought for a positive one in order to create a positive outcome for yourself.

Since the subconscious mind that creates our lives cannot tell the difference between what is true or what is false, you can change your reality by changing your thoughts (your conscious mind).

The law of substitution can be used to improve your mood, I know that most people are subject to mood swings and most are aware of the mood change when it is happening, you can use the law of substitution to turn that feeling around. I have found that when I feel my mood changing to one I find less desirable I can make the change just by saying to myself:

“I know this is a feeling I don’t want right now, so I am going to change it”.

I dig into my affirmation toolbox and pick the affirmation of the moment. Right now, I am just turning everything over to the Big G.O.D, so, I use one of my timeless favorites from my spiritual mentor Florence Scovel-Shinn, “I cast this burden unto the Christ within, and I go free to be happy, peaceful, prosperous and free. Now there is only joy in my life.” With this affirmation, I have found that I can change my mood almost instantly.

We live in a world where we have no control over the words and images that we see. The television, radio, newspaper and magazines all send images through our minds, and we have no way of controlling what we see or hear. I know you can always turn the television off, that is always an option, but then there are the messages we get from the people in our lives. Even if they love us, a lot of them do not know the impact their words have in our lives.

The Law of Substitution and Criticism

The criticism, wrong assumptions our loved one feel they have the ability to harm us or impede our success. They do not know this, but those of us that are super sensitive or spiritually open tend to take this to our core. The law of substitution is your defense system; you can take the negative words and images you see and turn them positive, you know the truth about yourself, do not be a victim of other people’s words. Immediately substitute the negatives words for empowering ones. I use Ho’oponopono as my protection. I am hearing this news or works for a reason; it is up to me to clean, clean, clean.

We live every day trying to solve one problem or the other, and the mind is always attempting to find solutions. We can put the law of substitution to work for us by not focusing on the problem at hand, instead think of the desired outcome; your subconscious mind will solve the problem for you.

How to Use the Law of Substitution

You will be amazed at how effortless the Universe has made things for us, don’t over think things. The law of substitution works by you:

  1. Making the choice to think or take an action that stops that negative rant in your head.
  2. Use your self-help tools, count your blessings, repeat your forgiveness mantra, watch an uplifting movie, listen to your favorite music, dance.
  3. You just have to do something that shifts your vibration from negative to positive and you will activate the Law of Substitution.

When correctly used, Universal Laws, subtle mind shifts, and self-help tools can help you change your life, create success and heal yourself.

Using the Law of Substitution as a Self-Help Tool

Change your reality, start living the law of substitution, stop focusing on the problems you have, and start envisioning a life without problems. Substitute thoughts of failure with thoughts of success. Work on finding trust by not falling into the trap of living from a place of fear.

When you think of something negative immediately, substitute that thought for a more positive one. When you think, “I am sad” immediately say, “I am happy” and repeat it until the feeling of sadness goes away. (It Works!)

If someone speaks negatively to you, you should immediately change the words to positive.

Use the law of substitution, to take control of the images, words, and experiences that are thrown at you with or without your consent. Practice using the Law of Substitution daily and watch yourself get stronger.

Good Luck.

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