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Create your own Happy Moments and Love your Life Today

Create your Own Happy Moments

- Strategies to feel better now without spending a dime and taking baby steps.

My goal is to share tips and tools that are effortless in most cases. Once you start with effortless, doing things that take a little more effort, don't seem as hard.

Make Someone Smile

I said, "Without spending a dime."

Make it a goal to make at least one person smile each day. That is the base goal, anything else after that is extra. It can be a coworker or the homeless person on the corner. Do your part each day to share the light. This is a secret task you have to yourself, and no one else has to know you have accomplished this goal each day.

Say Thank You

It doesn’t matter if you can't find one thing to be grateful for right now. Also picture me giving you an epic side eye because you can get at least ten things to be thankful for right now, so there.

  1. Focus on things that delight you

  2. What makes you feel good?

  3. When do you feel great?

  4. What makes you happy?

  5. Who makes you feel good?

  6. What do you like?

  7. What do you like about yourself, your life, your living conditions?

Please find one thing; just one thing will start the magic flowing.

What Makes Me Happy

My favorite book, Artemis Fowl, yes, I am a ten-year-old at heart. The book has a scene where to get all her magic back, Holly, a fairy, has to bury an acorn in a tiny patch of soil she has dug up in the concrete dungeon, okay the basement, she is imprisoned in. With all her effort, she gets to plant the tiny acorn in a tiny patch of earth, and she gets all her magic back.

Finding something that delights is your tiny patch.

Here are some examples:


I love my ankles. I like my lips. Actually, I love my lips. Yeah that it. That is more than enough. Give it a few months, and you will love your whole body, inside out.


Jeeezus, I've wanted to move for the last fifteen years, I hate this place. First, never use the words hate again, and if you happen to let it slip, quickly change to something like, "What lovely weather we have today?"

How about you focus on that beautiful tree you get to see from those impressive bay windows, this allows you to focus on something other than all the crap you still need to put away on the other side of the bay windows.

Or the light that comes in the bedroom that you get to experience only on weekends as the ridiculously placed windows only allow light in for one hour a day between eleven and noon depending on daylight savings.

Then there's that corner that magically manages to be the best place in the whole apartment; focus on that, and one year later, you move into your dream home. That's how the magic works.

Create your own Happy Moments

UPDATE: I moved into a place I love, it is perfect for me for now. AMAZING. I am still using this tip to focus on the things I love about my new place, WHICH IS A LOT.


Stop saying how much you love living alone, and how awesome a time you have by yourself. Get a rose quartz crystal or Gustave Klimt poster and start to visualize opening up to someone else. This one begins with you. You will need to say the words, I love you, to yourself and mean it. Then open your heart. Think about what a relationship feels like to you, then what it looks like, and keep that picture in your mind.


Bloom where you are planted. Start loving the job you have, especially if you can't leave. Find one task you like, and think about it when you wake up and have to go to work. The most important part of having a job and the one big thing that should delight you is your paycheck, and what it affords you.


See Work.

Also giving thanks when you pay bills, that was one I learned from Rhonda Byrne’s book The Magic. I always write, “paid, thank you.” On every bill I pay. Thank you when I pay for something and try not to remember when I couldn’t afford it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You get my drift.

You get to create your happy moments. These are some of mine. They worked for me because it is so much easier, more enjoyable, and so rewarding to focus on the things that delight you, if only for the FACT that what you focus on expands.

Focus on the good, and it multiplies.

Happy HabitAbbie