Your Beliefs Create your Life Think Wisely

Your Beliefs Create your Life

“If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right.” Henry Ford

Your beliefs create your life. What are your beliefs? Your beliefs are pretty much all that you think yourself to be. Your beliefs are manifested in your life. This is a fact you can prove to yourself right now. What are you creating? Look around you, what things are in your life right now, that you can say for a fact is the result of something you believe yourself to be?

Do you believe yourself to be an organized person? Or do you say to yourself, “I walk into a room, and a tornado walks out”? Are you good at math, or you need a calculator to come up with an answer for two plus two? Are you smart? Do you tell yourself how dumb you are? Can you write? Are you good at anything? What are you saying to yourself? And what are you creating?

Thoughts Create your Beliefs

You didn’t create your beliefs overnight; they are the results of random experiences in your life that just happened to take root. You may have not even noticed a pattern before you started to mull over this thought nugget and before you were even aware it became something you’d say to yourself. “I am untidy.” “I can’t keep things organized to save my life.” “I try to be organized.” “I really try.” This is one favorite flags because if you don’t nip it in the bud, you will spend the rest of your life “trying” to be organized.

You Can Control your Thoughts

Join me and discover that you can be the Ring Master to the circus in your head. What! Yes, it turns out you don’t have to listen to yourself. Nope! You don’t. You can come up with a nice need mind hack, to help disrupt the flow of thoughts you really don’t want in your head.

True to your Core

In an effort not to make this article a mini-book, here is one of my favorite thought/belief mind hacks.

Stopping the Old Soundtrack

We think the same 60-70 thousand thoughts a day, every day, mix it up today, add an empowering script to the songs, add an outcome you desire, add a spirit-lifting script to the soundtrack. Do something different and you will get something different.


Remember your Beliefs Create Your Life

What Do You Want to Create?

List 10 positive things you want to create in your life today.

I say 10 because you will okay, might, only end up remember to use one or two of these new thoughts in the day, but that is enough disruption to the old pattern.

So what do you want to create?

Now the Mind Hack:
Pick a time of day, say on your way to work in the morning, or an occasion, maybe when you see someone or something, you immediately repeat the new beliefs.

It takes conscious effort to start, but with faith and persistence, you will persevere. This is how I learned to let go of the past using my Ho’ooponopono Mantra like a champ! And it worked like a charm.

Yep, your beliefs create your life, and you have the power to control your thoughts. Did I mention there is a billion-dollar industry with tools to help you do this? Yes there is. So take heart, there is a remedy and what you need to start controlling those wayward thoughts. And I am not charging you to give you that information. I bet you all the answers you need are somewhere on or on the pretty freaking amazing internet.

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