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The Power of Prayer

Prayer is an excellent centering tool. You pray to make a connection to God, but most important you focus on the words of your prayer. The key word here is Focus. It is all about getting the mind focused on words coming from your soul to your Source. Your soul is the self that you know is in the eyes of God, your Source, and the Universe.

Prayer is such a powerful tool as it puts you on the vibration of what you desire. Prayer makes you relinquish control by turning your desires, questions, doubts, and fears over to God.

Prayer frees you from being bound to the need that you have to take control, and be the one that creates, as opposed to the truth, that you create nothing. You simply discover what was always there.

Prayer is your reminder of the important part that faith plays in your living as your best self now. Prayer should be an integral part of your morning or nightly routine.

When I say, “Prayer,” I don’t mean: Dear God, I would love a pair of those high heeled shoes with the red soles.

When I say Prayer, I mean A prayer of gratitude, a prayer of protection, a prayer for guidance. A prayer for freedom from want because you already know that God has and will provide all you desire.

You just have to be open, believe, and be a vibrational match to your desires by keeping yourself in a good place emotionally. {Okay, I may have dropped a lot on you right there, but I have a list of articles below to help you gain more clarity (smooches)}.

What Do You Think Prayer Is?

Prayer is a conversation with your Source. You pray with deep emotions knowing that you are connecting to something bigger than yourself, and something within you. These words connect you to your source. These words make you remember that you part of the vast universe and all its abundance. These words remind you that with your faith, you can do anything. These words make you know that you are standing on solid ground.

Psalm 23 is my favorite prayer because each sentence gives me something to think about, something to hope for, and something I believe can change my life.

“The Lord is my Shepard. I shall not want.” Just this alone reinforces everything I believe God to be.

Do Something

  1. Find a Prayer that resonates with you, something at sparks a visceral reaction in you.
  2. You can use a prayer that already exists, or you can write one.
  3. Use this as a centering tool for your life.

It is time to make the shift, make use of the power of prayer and have a conversation with your source. Meditate on what the words of your prayer mean to you. Create guiding principles to help motivate you to success. Add the power of prayer to your self-help toolbox. You truly have nothing to lose with this one.

I wish you all the best.

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