Tapping into your Creative Muse Tapping into Your Creative Muse

Tips on getting things done, while you dance your ass off and connect to the Universal Creative Source.

What music makes you vibrate and feel like you can conquer the world?

Have you ever had a night or day when you were super productive, and everything just flowed out of you effortlessly, only to be followed by a day or two that you slumped down on the sofa and binge-watched Netflix, and the only thing clicking in the house was your remote control? Maybe it was a week of taking care of everyone else’s needs and putting the next chapter of your novel on the back burner only to return six months later to find you have no idea where to start.

Here is a Life Hack I use to supercharge myself, get motivated to work and vibrate at such a high level, that I can’t help but tap into the Universal Creative Source. I’ve loved the nights I do this and wanted to share the simple formula with you.

My super productive formula for a night or day of creating epic content is:

Start with Your Tools

Mine include the following:

  • My One Piece Jumpsuit or my Armour Yoga pants
  • High Heeled shoes {home alone of course, and those only stay on for about 30 minutes}
  • Headphones
  • Electronic music so loud I want to give myself side eye when I hear the music blaring 30 feet aways in my headphones in the kitchen.
  • And finally dancing, the dancing gets my blood pumping also I think it is more the music than anything.

Keys to Your Success

Here are the keys to the success of this method when you are starting to feel energized and a little light headed {with joy}; this is not the time to:
Turn on the TV
Feel so high and happy you want to call a friend
Pick up any mobile devices, except you are supercharging yourself to make sales calls
Think about tidying up anything; you have to get to work

If You Need to Eat

You can make a quick dinner to power up for productivity, but:

This is not the time to cook a five-course meal.
Depending on your diet, a bowl of cereal, toast, a quick salad, a shake or order pizza. Do not order Chinese food, or sushi, this will put you into “dine in” mode and before you know it there will be wine, sake, and passing out in front of the TV.

And no, you cannot even think of having a burrito except you are supercharging to train like Michael Phelps or Hussain Bolt. With a burrito, you can forget the wine and sake, and fast forward to the passing out part, which defeats the purpose of supercharging. {This writer is speaking from personal experience all the foods listed here are totally endorsed by me.]

Take Effective Action

Taking action is key to your success. When tapping into your creative muse, start your session with a to-do list. We all love those. You should work on a project or part of a project that creates a completed task. Don’t write an article and then say you will come back to edit it tomorrow. Finish what you start, by tomorrow the article will mean something else, and also still be an item on your to-do list.

Tapping into your creative muse makes work effortless and fun.

When you are in the zone, productivity flows effortlessly from you; you are having fun, you feel good, which means you are connected to the Universal Source of Creativity. This is why the music, clothes, and atmosphere you create is important; it is using whatever makes you happy to transport yourself into the zone and having fun in the process.

Anywho, that’s my tip for today, I would love to hear what kind of music turns you into a superhero, if only in your mind. What methods do you have for tapping into your creative muse, please share?

Have a great one folks and remember to share your light with the world.

Abbie Out!

Tapping into your Creative Muse

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