Powerful Morning Routine to Prepare your Mind for a New Day

Powerful Morning Routine to Prepare your Mind for a New Day

What happens when you drag the drama from yesterday to today? Here is a powerful morning routine for awesomeness that I use.

I am not a morning person, but I can tell if I have woken up on a brand new day having dragged along some of the not so great feelings from the day before. The other day I woke up after having what I felt was a seriously unproductive Sunday, I was resting and building up my strength instead of writing posts, editing pictures, doing my coaching homework or something I considered super productive.

I had also gone to bed thinking, boy, what a wasted day. Can you imagine falling asleep to that soundtrack, no wonder I woke up in a funk?

Catch yourself if you are not in a beautiful state.

I woke up that morning, and I knew, there was no way I was getting out of bed feeling like that. Then I remembered, wait, I don’t have to feel like this, I can choose exactly how I want my morning to be, how I want to feel, and by George, I was going to have a great day.

I will tell you exactly what I did, and then the system I created in the event this ever happened again.

I woke up feeling, “Oh crap,” I racked my brain for why, my morning is started with the words, “Oh crap” as opposed to affirmations and gratitude. “Houston, we have a problem.” I buried my head in my pillow and decided to fix it before getting out of bed.

I said my morning affirmation. (still feeling like crap, so I checked in again, what? Then it came to me, ah, I had dragged yesterday with me. I was like, oh heck no, I am not doing that again.

I decided to turbocharge my self-help tools. I did my affirmations with gusto, yes, yes, I can do this. Okay, feeling better, hmm, nice, now let’s add Gratitude to the mix, what are the ten things I was grateful for about the weekend?

Yes, I am feeling better.

Now Set Intentions for the day, “Oh I am going to have an awesome, productive day, which will include a completed post, probably about taking control of this morning.”

Nice, I am feeling better already.

Now let’s hit the road, with the gratitude soundtrack that I love so much, it goes like this, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” With a couple of, I love yous’. Five minutes into my morning work I had Haleluya gratitude moments, with a couple of fist pumps, and Amen, Thank you, God.

However, since I am a super personal development system creator, I also came up with a way to take control of how I feel when I wake up.

Now you know what happened, here is what I did to fix it that morning, and the system I created to avoid the future pitfall.

A simple mind exercise to get out of bed energized & ready for awesomeness.



Step 1
Before you sleep, bless the day, regardless of what kind of day it was. This is the process of letting go of the day and preparing for tomorrow. Spend the last waking moments visualizing what kind of day you want to have tomorrow.

Step 2
The moment you wake up, check how you feel. Did you wake thinking about the things that went wrong yesterday, as opposed to the awesomeness you plan on creating today? If you did, don’t get out of bed until you have the awesomeness plan vividly imaged in your mind.

Step 3
Start your morning routine, do your affirmations, review your gratitude list, list five things you are grateful for and then set intentions based on your awesomeness plan from Step 2. Do a five-minute meditation, journaling or any activity that will inspire you to a place of feeling good.

Step 4
Get out of bed.

You can contine your powerful morning routine by tapping into the awesomeness you are feeling now by using a mantra; mine is usually my Ho’oponopono Mantra, or just repeating thank you. Do you have your mantra?

Also about 10 minutes of motivational or inspirational reading or audio materials will boost the awesomeness you are already feeling.

Download the free cheat sheet below and have the first three steps at your fingertips or on your mobile device.

There is my tip for the day, this powerful morning routine works, you just have to remember to use it.

Have a great day, and don’t forget to share your light with the world. We need it.

A Powerful Morning Routine

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