Use the Power of your Thoughts to Manifest your Dreams

Use the Power of your Thoughts to Manifest your Dreams

The Levnow Manifesting 101 Series is a 10-part series of posts and a free e-book you can download on our Resources page. These posts are quick-start guides to walk you through the essential elements you need to succeed in any self-help program.

This series was created to share the well-established combination of essential elements that are required if you want to start manifesting anything that you desire today.

ELEMENT FOUR: Use the Power of your Thoughts to Manifest your Dreams
Your mind is the number one tool you are going to use to manifest the life of your dreams. How are you going to do that? You will use the power of your thoughts. Mind Power is a real thing, but you need tools to access the power of your thoughts and use them consciously to create anything you desire.

There is a gamut of tools to help harness the power of your thoughts. The key here is to find the ones that resonate with you, and start using them daily.

Your dominant thoughts are the emotionally charged thoughts you consciously replay in your head. These thoughts are creating your life. You can tell what your dominant thoughts are by looking around you. What have you manifested?

Some people are lucky as their dominant thoughts are of love, success and things they want, but the majority of us say the nastiest things to ourselves. We have to change this, and to do that you need a new set of empowering thoughts to add to the soundtrack of your life, and you need a new set of dominant thoughts that will lead you to your desires.

Do Something:

  • Look around you; what have you created? What would you change, what would you keep? Now start composing a new soundtrack for your dominant thoughts. It is time to create thoughts that match what you desire.
  • A simple remedy is to start catching yourself when you say those not so nice things to yourself, and immediately substitute those words for a more positive alternative.
  • Take out a sheet of paper, draw a line down the middle. On the left side write your negative dominant thoughts and one the right side write the positive alternative.
  • Rewrite the positive alternative on a fresh sheet of paper and toss the old sheet. You now have the lyrics for a new soundtrack for your life.
  • You can create subtle changes in the way you think just by doing some minor adjustments in the way you speak to yourself.

Do something today and use the Power of your Thoughts to Manifest your Dreams

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