Let Him Take Care of You

Let him take care of you. This one is for the ladies, and maybe a reminder for me.

Ladies, we know we can do it all, okay, maybe most of it. It came to me this weekend looking at the couples around me, that strong women (all women, we are all strong and you know it) need to know that it is absolutely okay to allow a man to truly love you and want to take care of you. It is okay.

I met a new husband at the party (this weekend) that has assimilated completely into his wife’s family and culture that I asked more than two people where the heck he was from, and to whom he was related. Thinking of the couple made me think of my friends who are looking for the superhot, easy burn out romance (Oh! to be young again and remake those decisions), and turn away from the slow delicious simmer of “Mr. Right for you”. Okay I have more than one amazing slow simmer couple in mind but you get the gist.

Years ago, I remember talking to a friend, who felt affronted whenever a man tried to open the door for her, I was like, LET HIM!I want us to take a heart defibrillator to that dying horse called Chivalry and resuscitate that darling beautiful creature.

The man in my life should feel very comfortable carrying the shopping bags, the luggage or anything else on that list of things they should carry (they are strong, and there is a reason they are built that way, and since the mammoths are extinct and laptops don’t really weigh that much, we need to refocus that energy somewhere right?)

I have done my time lugging my stuff around, trying to lift from my knees and all that crap. My man should feel very comfortable making the travel arrangement, since I am rubbish at that (except I am supremely awesome at picking hotels). I am also rubbish at picking the restaurant, as I am known to eat the same thing for months. Okay, I am going to check myself on that. I am awesome at making travel arrangement and an expert at picking amazing restaurants. However, I am super comfortable programing every electronic devise in the house, taking apart the computer, dealing with that computer virus you picked up looking for lord know what online, not taking out the trash, at grocery shopping as long as you know it will all be gluten-free, non-gmo, no fructose, corn, soy, dairy, and organic. I am also great at picking the movies we watch (.05% chick flicks and only if Jolie is in it or if my sister forces me to go to the movies with her.)

Just this morning, I left a message for another darling friend telling her to “Let him take care of you.” After she listed off everything that every girl would have on her list of things she wants in a man followed by the words, “really don’t try so hard, be the man.” And, I was like, “What! You be the woman for pits sake and let him take care of you, you deserve to be treated like a princess, let him.” I will stop now as I love and totally adore my friend and I would absolutely want her to keep talking to me so I can give her smart alecky responses like, “Be the woman and let him take care of you.” Also, there is the fact that I manifested the conversation with my friend because of the lovely couple I had been obsessing about since Saturday.

Note to the Guys
Men, we are not taking advantage of you by letting you want to take care of us, but it is time for women to learn to accept that you (her man) are supremely capable of taking care of yourself and your woman. It is time for us to let you. So ladies, say it with me, Let him take care of you!

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