Is worry weight making you fat?

Is “Worry Weight” Really What is Making you Fat? You are like, eh! What is worry weight?

Have you ever had that weekend where you thought you had just about eaten everything under the sun, and you were going to suffer the wrath of the Weight Guru (actual name of my scale) come Monday morning? Would that mindless munching and drinking that you did as you binge watched anything on Netflix eventually come home to roost on your thighs… and so on and so forth.

As you have now spent the entire weekend worrying about your weight, you step on the scale on Monday and voila! You’ve gained weight.

After you are done beating yourself up for a weekend eating cauliflower rice, shrimp, lentil chips, kale chips and several 20 ounce cups of water (not wine, juice or soda), you take another look at exactly what you ate. You realized you were barely clocking 1,400 calories a day, (with exercise) and then it dawns on you that you gained weight simply because you were worrying about gaining weight.

The fear and guilt you were feeling had gone ahead and created an extra pound or two where you should, according to the reality of what you ate, and the exercise that you did, have lost at least a half a pound.

Do you know some people go for years worrying their way into a size 18 and staying there? Most times it is not a result of what they actually ate, that is the power of the mind.

This is an epiphany to most including myself as I am guilty of this phenomenon, in my case worrying is ridiculous, because the most wicked thing I have in my house is a bag of organic cane sugar and I don’t bake or use sugar to cook anything. I am aware of what I purchase because I do have the habit of eating the entire bag of kale chips and hours later feeling like crap, so I tend not to shop when hungry or by snacks thinking I will only eat a little at a time. By the way, every time I eat a bag of kale chips I have to remind myself that the kale chips are only 200 calories. I have had apples with more calories than that.

How to Deal with Worry Weight

Acknowledge the Issue – Ask yourself, is “worry weight” really what is making you fat? How much thought and time do you put into stressing about what you ate? I will tell you that even a minute is too long.

Plan your meals. Try to track the calories in the meals you cook. My meals tend to average 350 calories give or take 50, mostly take 50 as my starches takes the bulk of the calories (mostly gluten-free and not potatoes). So you have to remind yourself that you are not eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, and since you made and therefore, know exactly what is in your food, you should feel a lot better about eating without worry.

Make Sunday your Food Prep Day. Have a production line of all the awesome goodness you plan to eat during the week laid out before you in all its beautiful bright colors you are less likely to cheat, when you have your meals planned ahead of time. An awesome byproduct of this is the money you save from eating out.

Find Healthy Food Restaurants in your Area – I have mapped out healthiest (food I like) in my neighborhood, my city, and in the area I work. Monday through Friday, I know exactly where I can go for lunch to get the clean, healthy, under 200-calorie meal I need. By Thursday, when I have the sensation that I need hot food, cooked for me before I eat a coworker head, I have a vegan restaurant that can satisfy my craving for a hot, somewhat guilt-free meal. I even have a sandwich place that will make me lunch when I feel the need for avocado wrapped in bread. Once again, eat and enjoy your food, you know you have already done the legwork.

Plan your snacks. Know what you are eating. You will get the munchies, though on a truly balanced diet, the cravings go away and you don’t think of food until it is time to eat. I digress because if you are dealing with Worry Weight, you might not be munchies-free just yet. So here is how I deal with munching, I buy the kale chips because I love the taste and the crunch. I know I tend to eat the entire bag (sorry, I have never been able to do otherwise, and as much as I try, I am not there yet either). When I open the bag, I focus on fact that I am eating a 200-calorie snack as opposed to the 1,200 calorie bag of potato chips. The moral of this story, eat an entire bag of kale chips not an entire bag of potato chips or cheese puffs. Better yet, get some baby carrots if that is your thing and munch on a handful of that. The point is to have a substitute for that 1,200-calorie bag of chips.

Make eating a joyous and loving ritual, not a punishment for yourself and your gut. If you think you can curse every bite you eat and expect the food to do good things in your body, they you haven’t really grasped the concept of the Vibrational Energy in everything, and the Power of the Mind. Dr. Emoto proved this theory in the ground breaking research he did showing how words (positive and negative) have an effect on the molecular structure of water, read The Hidden Messages in Water or watch What the Bleep Do We Know!?.

In a nutshell, the way you think about what you put in your body will affect the molecules of your food and what it does in your body. So send love down with that food, enjoy the meal and be good to yourself. Food nourishes your body, food is good for you, and I say this with the full knowledge that you don’t eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.

Remember, bless your food before eating and thank it after you are done. Tell your food that it is nourishing your body with love and only keeping what it needs.

Last but not least STOP WORRYING ABOUT WHAT YOU EAT! If you are putting any thought into what you eat, you are probably on the right track. If you eat live fruits and vegetables, you are probably on the right track. If you watch your fats and salt intake, you are probably on the right track. So give yourself a break. Stop worrying; it is one of the most harmful emotions in our human repertoire. So quit it.

Is worry weight really what is making you fat? Well, not anymore!

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