How to use your emotions as a guide

Using your emotions as a guide is one of the most important self-help tools, in your Self-Help Tool Box. This is one technique that will help you live a truly balanced and happy life. It goes like this, the way you feel has great significance on the outcome of everything you do. If you don’t “feel” great about something, there is a very, very good chance you are doing something you shouldn’t.

How to Use your Emotions as a Guide

  1. Ask yourself: Do you feel good or bad about a decision, a person or a situation that you find yourself in? If the answer is “It feels good”, then go to #4. If the answer is “It feels bad”, then go to #2.
  2. Is this bad for me, if this was my best friend, my sister, brother or my child would I let them do this? Would I think this was okay for them? If the answer is No, this is not a bad thing then go to #3. If the answer is “Yes, I would not let someone I love do this to themselves” then, WALK AWAY!
  3. Am I feel bad because I am afraid, lazy or being complacent? If the answer is yes to anyone of these, then go to number 4.
  4. Have I judged this okay by my common sense standards? If the answer is “Yes, I have judged this okay by my common sense standards then go to number 5.
  5. Go live your life. Enjoy doing whatever you have to do.

The transition to learning to use my emotions as a guide was a lot easier than I thought it would be, the only work required here was my conditioning myself to pay attention to how I feel about everything I do. Sometimes the decision is hard to make, but that is also a flag for me. If I am having a hard time making a decision, and I know it is not coming from a place of fear, or complacency then I don’t do it until I am ready or for the later I force myself to act.

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