How to Manifest a Clutter Free Home

How to Manifest a Clutter-Free Home

Learn how a few mind tweaks can help you with your clutter problem and help you create a clutter-free home.

Thoughts are things, so if you constantly worry about picking up that clutter that has been bugging you forever, things will only get worse, because the thing you focus on you create, so if you are worrying about clutter, you will create clutter. I promise you it is that simple.

My bedroom looks like I put it in a blender
Question: What have I been thinking?
“I need to tidy my room, I wish my room were tidier, I need to pick up stuff, I need to vacuum, I need to put things away.” Ahhh!

What the Universe has so graciously given me:
I get a room that I have to constantly tidy. It must satisfy my “need to tidy,” my “need to pick up my stuff.” The Universe has given me my vivid vision of my room looking like I just ran it through a blender.

Now I know exactly what I have done to create the blended mess of my that is my bedroom. It is time to change the thought that created the mess.

Change your Thoughts, Change your life.

A New Set of Thoughts
My bedroom is a sanctuary. I love my bedroom. I get such a sense of peace, calm and relaxation when I am in my bedroom. We get a glorious night’s sleep in our bedroom. I love, love, love our bed. I wake up feeling rested and ready for the day.

I charge that awesome new thoughts with creative visualization. I see:
The bedroom is perfect. The room is a minimalist haven of good rest, fun, love and joy. The crisp sheets, fluffy pillows, and the pristine air of tidy, the room leaves me feeling like the hotel staff just walked out the door.

Oh! Yes! Now I am Feeling It

I think of myself borrowing into the sheets, soft, warm and ready to cuddle. Lights out, quiet fills my mind with such peace and joy. I am ready to turn my to-do list over to The Manager. I Picture my goals, the things I want in my life. I walk into those visions and the beautiful tendrils of sleep pull me into its warm embrace.

Ahhhh Bliss! Goodnight Moonlight.

I promise you, hang in there, the power to manifest the life you desire is all in your mind. Stick with me, I will show you what I know and have seen happen.

“Look with wonder at that which is before you.” Florence Shovel-Shinn

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See you later,

How to Manifest a Clutter-Free Home

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