How to Feel Better NowA surefire way to change your mood now. Why not feel better now, there is no need to linger in negativity. Feel Better Now.

We all have moments in our lives when a dark cloud dumps a feeling of total helplessness on you and you feel that everything, every effort you have ever put into anything has been for nothing.

You could be experiencing the crushing sensation of supreme sadness, depression, helplessness, fear, loss, loneliness, and powerlessness. What a list, by the time you get to  the word fear, you are starting to think the sun will never shine again. However, you will be quite wrong.

How to Feel Better Now.

Acknowledge that you are feeling like crap at this moment. You know it, and so does everyone around you, so excuse yourself, remind yourself that it is just a wave to ride out, and do the following:

Have a Good Cry

Have a good cry, my favorite is in the shower Sob it out. Cry. Woe is you. Why? Because that is how you are going to feel right now. Put on some super sobby (yes, I said “Sobby”) spa music, pop in the shower, and let your hot tears mingle with the hot, hot, water. You will remember to think about your blessings and things you are grateful for when you are done feeling sorry for yourself, but right now baby, SOB IT Out.

Then, get out of the shower, if you are still not done sobbing, keep going, you cannot cry forever, like everything else, this too shall pass. Right now all you know is that you have been handed a pile and only the Lord know what you did to deserve it. Remember: this too shall pass.

Think About It for a Minute

Go back to “only the Lord knows what you did,” and give it some thought. Sometimes, things simply do not turn out the way you planned. Lord knows you tried. No need to recount events of the past, there is nothing back there that can help you right now. Right now, you need to forgive yourself. As I said before, sometimes stuff just doesn’t turn out right. Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t. Remember, this too shall pass.

Forgive Yourself

Forgiveness will make you feel better right now, but this form of forgiveness is not the wholesale affirmation, “I forgive you” repeated endlessly. I recommend Hoʻoponopono an ancient Hawaiian method of forgiveness and reconciliation.

I tell you if you as feeling as funky as you feel right now, you are trying to unearthing deep, deep feelings of loss, failure, and unhappiness. Why not go back to the root of all that pain, and do a deep, deep cleaning?

Learn Hoʻoponopono and learn how to clean your history of negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs by working your way to the creation of those thoughts, feelings, beliefs and letting it go with the help of the Divine using the long-form Hoʻoponopono prayer. Keep up your daily practice of Hoʻoponopono by living each day cleaning your past and cleaning for everyone that triggers a need for cleaning in you with the repetition of a short powerful Hoʻoponopono mantra.

Hoʻoponopono Mantra

I love you.
I am sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.

By saying this mantra, you are asking the Divine to help you forgive yourself because there is no one or anything out there that needs forgiveness more than the forgiveness you need to give yourself. Everything in your life is your responsibility and seeing something negative outside yourself is a reminder that you need to clean, which in short means you need to recite your Hoʻoponopono mantra.

I learned the practice of Hoʻoponopono thanks to my friend, a big fan of Joe Vitale, who coerced me into reading the two books that changed my life, and started me on the journey to forgiving myself, my past and anything negative trying to stick to me (I love you Jacs). My dear friends, the stuff works.

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To be honest with you, once you have done your Hoʻoponopono, you are pretty much done. You will be feeling better. You will feel the heat of being lifted from darkness into the light as positive energy courses through your veins removing the miasma of that negativity that you were feeling. That sobby spa electronica music starts to sound inspirational and motivational. You might even find yourself DANCING.

It is time to:

Channel that Energy to Something Positive

Channel the remains of that energy, which is now shining and clean, thanks to Hoʻoponopono to doing something good. Journal about it, use this as a tool to remind yourself that you know how to get yourself back on track. Write a post to help others, which is what I do. Work on that project that caused you to spiral in the first place, you are cleansed and feeling invincible at this point. You can do anything. You have the Power! Follow your hunches and just go with the flow. You have just gone from minus 60 to 6000 in one hour. GOD DOES LOVE YOU.

Read more on Hoʻoponopono, there is a wealth of information available free online, at your local library and bookstores. I know Hoʻoponopono changed my life and I am still such a novice, that I can only share how I use Hoʻoponopono. As the main premise of Hoʻoponopono states, you are responsible for everything in your life, even if you know it or not. So I want you to take responsibility for learning more about this practice and please do share what you learn I would love to hear from you.

Until we meet again, I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.

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