Fun Freebies on this page are for you to do with as you please. You can also “join the tribe” i.e. subscribe to gain access to the Resouces Page filled with workbooks, an ebook, and more.

Join the Tribe!

Add a little joy to your life with fun freebies that you can download right now. You can print them, cut up and paste on a wall or your cubicle. Words and image that will evoke happy emotions in you. We have wallpaper to brighten up your workday, or just make you smile any time you turn on your computer or mobile devices. It is all about the journey, so enjoy the ride.

Levnow Freebies

Images are a powerful tool that evokes emotions almost immediately, enjoy a few of our Levnow Wallpaper and work some mind magic on yourself. Lots more wallpaper, affirmations, and printable cards on the Resources Page.


  • Belief Trust Gratitude
  • happy-habit-wallpaper
  • The Universe Has your Back
  • Donut Worry; Be Happy!

Pep-Talk for this Moment

Download, cut, and paste in your journals, stick up on your desk, spruce up your vision board, to add a smile to your day for a bit of a pick-me-up or get motivated to act.

  • Thank You
  • i create my life
  • perfect
  • Affirmation
  • Your Wish is my Command
  • The Universe has Your Back
  • How can I be of Service
  • You Can Do This
  • Turn on the Light
  • You are Beautiful
  • You are Beautiful
  • You are Beautiful