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Finding Mr. Right is possible, he is not the myth we were all led to think he was. Some ladies believe they will find the sasquatch (abominable snowman for those girlies that are less Scifi than most) before they come across Mr. Right.

Well, let us squash that myth right now. If the Universal Laws are as constant as the laws of physics then Mr. Right is right there waiting for you. He is somewhere in your Wish Vortex just waiting to you to get on his Frequency.

Finding Mr. Right the Mind Game

Finding Mr. Right should become a Mind over Matter subject, if you believe you will find Mr. Right, then you will. Look around you I am sure you can find someone who is rocking a Mr. Right on her arm right now. And what do I always say? “If one person can do it so can you, you just have to want it good enough.”

Take time to decide what you want in Mr. Right.

Ladies this is so important. I am so sorry, because I know there are women out there that have no idea what it means to be with a man who pampers you and treats you like a princess. You will have some research to do, and this is the ONLY TIME I would ever recommend watching a “chick-flick” or find your favorite romance novel (I am okay with romance novels) and see what it is like to have a man truly care about you. You can also talk to your girlfriends who have a clue, and finally open your eyes and start observing the world, they exist, and they might even be in your family (not a Mr. Right for you but an example of one). Once you’ve done this, then decide which part of all that loveliness you researched you want in your life.

Write down everything you want from Mr. Right

Yes, make a list of everything you could ever want from Mr. Right. The genie asks you to be specific, you can take a week to write your list but at the first attempt, you should have at least ten things on your list.

What was that?

At the end of day one of your Creating Mr. Right Project, you MUST have at least 10 things on your list. Have fun with your list, the possibilities are endless and you don’t want to miss anything. I say if it takes a week to come up with the list, that is fine, as all that does it keep you on the frequency of Finding Mr. Right.

Create a visual representation of Mr. Right

This is a visualization aid that has worked wonders for me. God Bless the Internet. Get pictures of Mr. Right. Find examples that you will use to populate the hard drive for your mind’s eye.

Create a journal page to stick images of Mr. Right. You can cut and paste portions of your list on the journal page. Pretty much, you are creating a vision board and the options are endless depending on your preference. I went paperless in the last year, transitioning into everything digital, since I had a clutter clearing session that left me with boxes of journals I couldn’t bear to read to toss out. Now, I am like, please, I own a laptop, iPad, iPhone and apps up the wazoo so, I can find a place to keep my vision boards that all I need to do is press the delete button as opposed to starting a bonfire.

Pinterest is heaven, you can create a private board or a public board the Universe is listening or checking out either one and fill that up with fantasies that will make you smile when you walk right into them.

Learn how it feels to be with Mr. Right

This is not as tricky as you think, the best way to do this is when your emotions are in the first five levels of the Emotional Guidance Scale. As in, if you are feeling good, happy, excited, or supremely awesome, this is a feeling/time you want to engage your imagination. You must practice manifesting from a place of joy.

Imagine life with Mr. Right

Create a romance novel that will put all others to shame. Think about life with Mr. Right. Now you are not imagining finding Mr. Right, you are to imagine living with him right now. You have confirmed that he is utterly devoted to you; you are both exactly on the same page, and going in the same direction.

That is the movie that you want playing in your head. Think of the sights, sound and people who you will hang out with, and the things you will do. Also most important, you are thinking of this as happening to you now not a future goal you are chasing.

Putting it all together and make finding Mr. Right fun

This one is short, short, short. Just take everything, your list, your visual representation, your feelings (emotions a place of joy), your imagination, and put them in a blender.

Your Blender full of Joyous Mr. Right magic is most effective when:
In the last moments before sleep, pull out your stash of fun times with Mr. Right and visualize your life. Take a look at your list, read off a few items, take a look at a picture or two (peruse your vision board) smile, imagine yourself with Mr. Right. Lay down to sleep, turn on the Finding Mr. Right Movie, drift into blissful sleep and let the Universe do the work while you slumber.

I thought this was going to be more of a nutshell than it turned out to be, but hey, I am going for it.

Reality Check:
Finding Mr. Right doesn’t mean that when you have him, you will not be working to keep him happy too. You should acting like Mrs. Right (Yes Mrs.! Are you going to find him and let him go?) He needs you to understand that he is doing this for you because he loves and cherishes you, and you in turn must do the same.

Cheers Ladies…

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