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What makes your heart sing? Ever cried out in gratitude at a beautiful sunset? Want to know how to high-five the Universe? Find the power of living in the moment, and finally find the peace you are seeking.

Let Go of the Past with The Ho’oponopono Mantra

The Ho'oponopono Mantra

The Ho’oponopono Mantra

I love you.
I am sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.

Ho’oponopono (Ho-Oh Pono-Pono) is an ancient Hawaiian transformational and healing technique of letting go of past issues that are preventing you from living your life to the fullest. Ho’oponopono is a self-help tool that removes toxic, self-limiting beliefs, doubts, and fears from your mind. It does so by replacing those thoughts with feelings of faith, trust, and love.

Ho’oponopono is a mind cleanse. You are cleaning your past, letting go of burdens that are keeping you stuck in the past, and preventing you from living the life you desire.

Ho’oponopono is a gift you give to yourself. You get to live your life knowing that the Universe has your back simply because you chose to let go of everything that was keeping you from the abundance the Universe has for you. (more…)

10 Ways to Practice Gratitude Daily


10 Ways to Practice Gratitude Daily

Gratitude is the simple act of counting your blessings. Sometimes those blessings seem hard to find, but you should start, even if it is the smallest thing you can think of, like waking up, before you know it you will have more and more to be grateful for in your life. Soon, you are beaming around town radiating gratitude. There is always a reason to be grateful.

Ways to Practice Gratitude

Wake Up to Gratitude
Start your day with gratitude. When you open your eyes in the morning, your first words should be “Thank you.” You should start your day saying, thank you. Just do it, don’t argue, morning person or not, you woke up today, so say thank you.

I use the Gratitude Mantra from the moment I sit up in bed, put my slippers on, and start my day. I just repeat the words, “thank you.”

Pay attention and try to notice things you can be grateful for throughout your day.

Gratitude Journal
A Gratitude Journal can be anything from a plain notebook to a fancy journal, or an actual Gratitude Journal. This practice is for those who love journaling as a self-help tool.

In your journal, you write a list of things you are grateful for each day. Most people journal first thing in the morning or at night before they go to sleep. There are no rules; I would suggest using your journal whenever the spirit moves you.

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Gratitude Mantra
Saying the words, “Thank You,” as a mantra. I love this form of practicing gratitude, as I have found it to be the quickest way for me to change my mood. If I find myself stumbling out of my joy zone, as in, I noticed that my emotions have slipped out of optimal happiness mode. I just repeat the words, thank you, over and over and in less than two minutes I am feeling better. (more…)

You Must Have Faith to Manifest Your Desires

You Must Have Faith to Manifest Your Desires - Levnow

You Must Have Faith to Manifest Your Desires.

The Levnow Manifesting 101 Series is a 10-part series of posts and a free e-book you can download on our Resources page. These posts are quick-start guides to walk you through the essential elements you need to succeed in any self-help program.

This series was created to share the well-established combination of essential elements that are required if you want to start manifesting anything that you desire today.

Element Ten: You Must Have Faith to Manifest Your Desires.
It is fair to say that some people get inspired faster than others. So what happens if you are still not inspired? What happens if you just don’t know what you want to do?

There are many types of actions you can take. You can start working with your self-help tools, like meditation, visualization, and others that will help you narrow down what you want. Start a vision board to help your mind imprint the things you want on your subconscious mind. Just have to keep your mind on what you want, and the answers will come.The Universe Has My Back - Levnow Affirmation

Having faith means that you must have faith in yourself, the tools, the process, and something bigger than yourself. I will tell you something. A great big amount of that faith goes into believing that there is a Source greater than you. It also means knowing that that Source is in everything including you. You should feel very free to tap into that Source for everything, even if it means just having a heart to heart conversation with yourself. Having a little faith goes a long way. , and you will find the truth in that statement as you start to witness the results of incorporating these ten elements in your life.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Create Your Personal Guiding Principles

Create Your Personal Guiding Principles - Levnow

Create Your Personal Guiding Principles

Personal Guiding Principles are a set of rules you have chosen to live. Your Personal Guiding Principles will help you make, and stick to your decisions and actions.  They help you make sense of your life. Personal Guiding Principles become ingrained in you so, that you never doubt yourself when you feel backed against the wall by other people’s opinions.

An excellent example of guiding principles can be found in a great book by Don Miguel Ruiz, called The Four Agreements.  His book includes four amazing Guiding Principles: Be impeccable with your word, don’t take things personally, don’t make assumptions, and always do your best.  You can choose to use these four and add a couple more or just create an entire new set for yourself.

Use your guiding principles to build a solid foundation for your success. Create Guiding Principles to help you build your best life and manifest your desires. Use them as a guide to keep you on track to accomplish your goals. Whenever you are not living or honoring your guiding principles it will be reflected in your life, go back to review your principles, and get right back on track.

The Power of Setting Intentions

Power of Intentions - Levnow

The Power of Setting Intentions

Setting intentions is an amazing self-help tool, I call it the instant gratification tool. Set the intention and watch with amazement as your intentions manifests with little effort on your part. Setting intentions is an easy tool to use, you just say what you want, and you are done. “Today, I want to do this, this and this. Things just fall into place, and at a certain point. You just have to make a conscious effort not to sabotage yourself, by consciously wasting time or doing things contradictory to what you truly want.

When you set intentions, it is up to you to get on the frequency of what you want to manifest.

Setting intentions is a most have for your morning routine. It is like telling the universe, “this is what I want to happen today, please see that it gets done.”

Even if you have only a 50% chance of the intentions you set for yourself happen, it is still 50% than if you did not set those intentions.