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5 Questions that will Change your Life

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Self-Help Tools


Develop a Positive Attitude

Develop a Positive Attitude
How do you develop a positive attitude? The key is to learn to be nicer to yourself. Here are some tips to help you gradually change and develop a positive attitude.

Self-Help Tools: To develop a positive attitude, we are going to use the following tools: gratitude, positive thinking, and affirmations.

“Being kind to myself. If that were a friend talking to me with that nasty voice saying that I wasn’t good enough, I wasn’t skinny enough, I wasn’t beautiful enough, I wouldn’t be a friend to that person.” Mariel Hemingway

What are you saying to yourself?

Take a couple of days (no more than two or else you will need quick tips for procrastination) to pay attention to what you are thinking about when it comes to yourself, your finances, your career or job, your friends, family, coworkers and strangers you meet. Write down exactly what you think of. Try not to focus on the obvious, yes, you love some of these people, but what do you say about them in your head.

Take a Personal Accounting

What type of people, situations, and surroundings do you want in your life? Take a look around, if you are not living the life you envisioned for yourself, then it is time to attract what you want in your life. Take the list you have just created and change your negative, self-defeating thoughts to positive, self-affirming and empowering thoughts.


Tips for Starting a Feng Shui Practice

Tips for starting a Feng Shui Practice

Tips for Starting a Feng Shui Practice

Like everything in life, you need to know the rules so you can succeed. With a Feng Shui practice, you can add a little boost to creating the life of our dreams by implementing a few Feng Shui remedies around your home, and office.

Here is a quick list of things you need to know or do before you practice Feng Shui. That means you should do this before applying any Feng Shui cures to your home, office or car.

Pick a school
There are several schools of Feng Shui that practice Feng Shui in different ways. You have to find the one that works best for you. I practice the Black Hat Sect of Feng Shui because it is easy and all I need is a bagua, instead of a compass. (I cannot tell north from the south if I was looking at a compass.) This school works very well for me, and it was quite easy to learn.

Read and understand what Feng Shui is
You should know what you are doing before you practice Feng Shui because if you do the wrong thing, it will only cause more damage.


Transform your Life with the Power of Forgiveness using Ho’oponopono

Transform your Life with the Power of Forgiveness using Ho’oponopono

Ho’oponopono (Ho-Oh Pono-Pono) is an ancient Hawaiian transformation and healing technique of letting go of past issues that are preventing you from living your life to the fullest. Ho’oponopono is a self-help tool that removes toxic, self-limiting beliefs, doubts, and fears from your mind. It does so by replacing those thoughts with feelings of faith, trust, and love.

Ho’oponopono roughly translated means – “to make right”, “to correct.” The message of Ho’oponopono is simply to: Take 100% responsibility for everything, every experience that comes into your life. This experience can come in the form of an action you have taken. It could be something you did in the past or present, or a problem someone shares with you.

Sometimes it can be something that you see that evokes a negative emotion in you. If you experience a negative feeling about anything in your life, it is an opportunity to practice Ho’oponopono. It is a chance to clean that event from your life by using the simple act of forgiveness and gratitude by repeating the simple Ho’oponopono Mantra:


Dance Yourself Happy

Dance Yourself Happy


Dance Yourself Happy Using Music as a Self-Help Tool

Beautiful music is the art of the prophets that can calm the agitations of the soul; it is one of the most magnificent and delightful presents God has given us. – Martin Luther

Change your state, get happy by dancing to music you love. Dance yourself happy.

I always thought I loved music, and I do, but it did not occur to me that the only time I listened to music was when I was working out or when I was trying to tune out noise at work or when I needed to be hyper focused. I never listened to music for fun, in fact, I have thought, “Why do people dance?” seriously “Why do people dance?”

Then the answer came,


Take Control of your Life with the Law of Substitution

Take Control of your Life with the Law of Substitution

This law deals directly with your ability to command your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind cannot make a distinction between what is true and what is false. It simply does what it is told to do by the conscious mind.

The Universal Law of Substitution states that you can substitute any negative thought for a positive one in order to create a positive outcome for yourself.

Since the subconscious mind that creates our lives cannot tell the difference between what is true or what is false, you can change your reality by changing your thoughts (your conscious mind).

The law of substitution can be used to improve your mood, I know that most people are subject to mood swings and most are aware of the mood change when it is happening, you can use the law of substitution to turn that feeling around. I have found that when I feel my mood changing to one I find less desirable I can make the change just by saying to myself:

“I know this is a feeling I don’t want right now, so I am going to change it”.