Attitude of Gratitude
The magic you create with an Attitude of Gratitude will amaze you every moment you notice the changes in your day because you took two minutes to find five things to be grateful for today. With our hectic lifestyles, you have to learn to take control of how you are feeling in each moment. That is what living eternal vigilance is all about.

Choose to adopt an attitude of gratitude, and take control of your emotions by stopping when you feel yourself tighten with stress, and remember the things you are grateful for today.

Conditions: Stress, worry, anger, fear, and all other horrible feelings you could have
Self-Help Tool: Gratitude
Prescription: First thing in the morning before getting out of bed and any other time of the day you feel yourself deep into the negative. Last thing you do at night as you fall asleep. Start a gratitude journal.

What is an attitude of gratitude?

We all have things that we are grateful for in our lives. An attitude of gratitude means living in a state where you focus on what you are thankful for at this moment, and in each moment you are conscious of your thought space (i.e., what you are thinking). With an attitude of gratitude, you are developing a mindset for success.

Living with an attitude of gratitude you are choosing to focus on what you grateful for in order to keep your emotional frequency on the positive side of the scale, shift your emotions from positive to negative or most importantly, keep yourself on the frequency you need to manifest the things you want.

Eureka! If you want to manifest your desires, you should adapt an attitude of gratitude like your life depended on it, because it does.
Also, an attitude of gratitude activates the Law of Attraction. If you are focused on the things your are grateful for, you will attract more of the same into your life, and so much more.

I have to tell you that an Attitude of Gratitude is one of the easiest self-help tools to incorporate into your daily life. It also happens to be one of the most powerful ones for reprograming your mind. You simply have to remind yourself that focusing on what you are grateful for is a healthier state of mind than replaying events from someone or something that hurt you.

So what do you have to do?

Find something to be grateful for today

What do you have to be thankful for today? Your family, having people you love in your life, people who love you. A job that pays your bills and you could be one of the lucky ones who loves their job. You can be grateful for the place you live in, even having running water and electric puts you ahead of 80% of the people on the planet. What I am getting to is that you might not have to work too hard to find something to be grateful for today.

Remember an attitude of gratitude is a mindset, it is not the rote repetition of things you are grateful for, it is the feeling in your heart that you are truly thankful for something. You want to focus on things that bring you joy, things that lift your heart, you want to count your blessings and say thank you for each one.

Can’t think of anything to be grateful for right now?

Well, like I said, gratitude is easiest self-help tool out there. When things are hard, or you are struggling, you will have to dig deep to find five things to be grateful for today. I will share my list from my lowest point with you, and then maybe you can use that list or something close to start off. Before I share the list I want you to know, that gratitude builds on itself, your first five will grow to ten, and then it will be a different list of ten things you have to be grateful for, and then, your list gets better. The only way you can do this magic is to start the list.

My Once Upon a Time Gratitude List

  1. My darling niece
  2. My nephew
  3. The sunshine
  4. Waking up (now that was a big thank you)
  5. My mind, because I was going to use this tool to beat anything life was planing on throwing at me today. I was going to choose to be positive, I was going to get up and face the day, because this too shall pass.

The next day, I added something else, my health, my job, a roof over my head, the moon, the latest vampire novel I was reading, and the tiny bit of synchronicity I noticed that I would attribute to my attitude of gratitude.

Then you think to yourself, I can do this. I can wake up in the morning and think of five things I am grateful for today.

Then you think, I am going to go ahead and write down five things I want to happen to me today, and I will write down how grateful I am for having those things in my life. The magic is, at the end of the day, when you look at your list, a couple of those things would have happened.

My mission is to share with you the tools you need to live as your best self today, your best self from any stage in your life, gratitude is one of the top five elements you need in your life when it comes to making things better. Take this seriously, it is an effortless endeavor, even if you are too lazy to write down the things you are grateful for, repeat them in your head.

You have a heart of gold. - Develop an Attitude of Gratitude: 1. Start a Gratitude Journal. 2. List five things you are grateful for each day.

Big Take Away
You want to use the emotions you generate from your gratitude list to propel yourself into greater heights. An attitude of gratitude will get you there.

I wish you love, joy and happiness. I send my gratitude to you for reading this and even more gratitude for being on my gratitude list.

Thank you.


  1. Start a Gratitude Journal
  2. List five things you are grateful for each day
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