10 Things to Look for in Your Motivational Material

10 Things to Look for in Your Motivational Material

What is a self-help tool website that does not give you instructions on how your motivational material should make you feel? Or what is should motivate you to want to do? Not this one. Here is the list of 10 Things to Look for in Your Motivational Material.

Reading this post pretty much tells me two things about you:

  1. You liked the pretty picture
  2. You are looking to motivate yourself to be better and doing better.

Either way, I still love you. {wink}

Motivation, as defined by my trusted assistant, Alexa (Amazon Echo), is the psychological feature that arouses an organism to act towards a desired goal. Yes, you read that, she said organism, in this case, that is you.

So what f…g motivates you to act? Are you driven by survival, reaction or the desire to create the life of your dreams? There is no wrong answer here, but there are better ways to take control of whatever situation you find yourself in, and that is with your trusted self-help tool, the fantastic motivational materials out there.

So here is a list of what to look for when you are out shopping for the tools that will keep you from going to bed in front of the TV, and instead get you to write a blog post, go to the gym, or get a glass of water instead of juice or soda.

My motivation materials include a playlist that will induce side eye from anyone that doesn’t think dancing until you pass out from dehydration while holding glow sticks is awesome, which by the way is a lot of people but do I care, heck no. Whatever works to induce joy particles in your body is what you need.

My list also includes books, movies, gurus, jewelry, high-heeled shoes, and art. Oh yes, not to forget, bedtime, I find myself always super motivated when it is time to go to bed. {scream}

The key is that you can use whatever you want to motivate you, what matters is how these things make you feel, and what actions they induce in you.

That being said, here is my top ten list of what your motivational materials should make you feel and do.

10 Things to Look for in Your Motivational Material

Your motivational materials should:

  1. Light a fire in your soul
  2. Activate action particles in your mind enough to create masterpieces
  3. Act as rocket fuel to get you over the finish line
  4. Make you want to do more
  5. Make you want to be better
  6. Make you know that you can take control of your life
  7. Make you feel like you can do anything
  8. Build your confidence
  9. Inspire you to want to help others
  10. Give you the sense that you can succeed

Find a book, a song, or playlist, a poem that when you read or listen to or see your whole being knows it is time to get up and do something so productive you will be proud at the end of the day.


  1. List a minimum of five things in your life that can induce a few feelings on the list from the list of 10 things to look for in your motivational material above.
  2. Write how you are going to use them and how they make you feel
  3. Add those items to your self-help toolbox
  4. Keep your toolbox in your meditation/spirit space (actual location in your home)
  5. Use whenever you need to get stuff done.
  6. Remember you have these tools when you start feeling yourself dip out of the happy zone or when you need to get supercharged.

Abbie Out! Have great one folks, and remember to share your light with the world.

10 Things to Look for in Your Motivational Material

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